What is PPC

Online traffic is often hard to generate, especially when you are new in the market. The most effective solution in such a case is PPC. Pay Per Click is keyword specific advertising carried out through search engines. Additionally, it is also a great tool to help track and test keyword conversion data.


PPC Benefits

We offer services tailor-made to help elevate your visibility in your niche. Here is why you need PPC.

PPC Benefits
Instant Ranking

Instant Ranking

PPC helps you elevate your rank on Google. The right campaign strategy will help you reduce the cost per click while maintaining a high rank.

Instant Ranking

Instant Results

PPC helps you rank instantly for most keywords. It also helps increase traffic to your website as soon as the campaign goes live.

Instant Ranking


The ability to select specific keywords helps provide specific targeting. You also get to pick your location and times you want the campaign to run for.

Instant Ranking

Quality Traffic

Considering you only pay for the actual clicks, you usually get good, convertible leads with the help of a PPC campaign.

Drive growth with the help of our PPC strategies that consistently boost revenue.

Our Data-Driven process

As should be the case with any marketing initiative, JDM ensures that every decision we make aligns with our client’s goals along with data backing the move.


Initial Analysis

We start the process by having a look at your budget, existing campaigns, and goals. We also have a look at your competition.


Goal Specification

Every goal needs to be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Bound.


Keyword Selection

After the completion of the analysis, we pick the keywords that are the most meaningful and relevant to your business..


Create The Campaign

The campaign you create needs to be one people want to interact with. The goal is to increase the CTR and ROI.


Website Optimisation

Once a potential customer clicks on the ad, the focus shifts on the landing page/website to complete the conversion.


Monitoring The CPC

The success of a PPC campaign is not just dependent on the no of leads but also the amount invested and the ROI.

Why should you let us plan your next PPC Campaign?

The perfect strategy for a PPC campaign begins with understanding the business goals first and building up from there. All our services are highly cost-effective, data driven, and show results.

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Start With A Strong Foundation

Too often, advertisers work with broken PPC campaigns. This translates to lower than average conversion rates and a negative ROI. Not us. We give you a strategy that is scalable.

Constant Improvement

Constant Improvement

We let the data drive the changes. Every metric is taken into account and the best performing keywords and demographics. After all, it is the decision-makers that every business needs.

Always Growing

Always Growing

Every strategy that we create is built with scalability in mind. The best campaigns are the ones that keep growing and help you dominate the PPC marketplace in your niche.

A PPC process needs to be effective in its implementation and transparent in its approach. Let’s build yours today.

Business Benefits

See If Your Business Qualifies

We have a distinguished client base. The kind that is ready to believe in our vision and has seen results based on the plan that we have devised for them. However, we understand that not everyone will be on board with how we work. Therefore, we check our compatibility before taking on a client.

See Results

You need to be patient to see the results, SEO does not happen overnight.

See Results

There is no guarantee what has worked to date will continue to do so.

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