Why Business Model Analysis?

Building a business is not as simple as it looks on the surface. There are plenty of moving parts that need to be aligned to ensure that your business is successful. Do not confuse your business model with a business plan. The business model is your first step towards a successful venture, the plan comes in much later.

Your Plan Will Be Focused

As an enterprise or even a startup, it is important that every move you make is focused on the end goal.

You Gain Clarity

Your startup journey needs to have clear steps because as you grow things will change. This plan is your blueprint to success.

Reduce The Risk Of Failure

With a business model analysis, you chalk out clear executable steps that help you carry your idea to market.

Target The Right Customers

Most businesses fail because of the Product/Market fit conundrum. A business model helps you look beyond the product/service to target the right audience.

Benefits of a Business Model Analysis

A business model analysis is the first step in proving that the idea that you are working on is viable and valuable to both you and your imagined target audience. After all, what’s the point of a product/service if people are not going to come to you.

  • It helps you establish a plan to showcase to investors that they should be investing capital in your venture.
  • You understand the resources you own better and thus you end up efficiently allocating them.
  • The entire process is refined with the help of a business model analysis
  • You have a clear path laid out for the future that ensures scalability.

If for nothing else, you need a business model analysis to gain a competitive edge in this crowded market. Provide actual value to your business with our help.

How Do We Help You?

Customer Value Proposition

Our first order of business is to establish what value you are adding to your customer’s life, it begins by answering two important questions. Does a product/service solve a problem or fulfill a customer’s need? How do you differentiate yourself from

Market Segmentation

We help you figure out the demographics as per your product where you should be focusing your attention. The number of people in different age groups., their disposable income, and willingness to use that income.

Deciding the Revenue Mode

Once you decide who you want to attract and convert into paying customers. The next step is to come up with a pricing system that does not intimidate them into running away. Different revenue models include brokerage, advertising, and subscription, etc.

Growth Model Analysis

Scalable, everything that we do needs to have the ability to grow. That is the only way you ensure the longevity of your business. We help you scale your business in a manner that helps you retain customers while acquiring new ones.

Allocation of Resources

No company ever has infinite resources. We ensure what you have is utilized in a manner that creates the most value for the firm as a whole. The amount of value that is derived from a resource is dependent on how you utilize it. We help you do this.

Why Do You Need Competitive Analysis?

In the digital era, your competition is not only on a local level. We have grown to compete with a global industry. You need to run a competitive analysis to access both threats and opportunities and make the right decision to grow and succeed in your market niche.

Understand The Market

Research is the only way you can understand the market better and get an accurate reading of the trends in the market that you might not come across otherwise. This is a huge asset that can be leveraged by your company.

Enhances The Process

Whenever the question is about the introduction of a product and service, there is just one key aspect that you need to pay attention to more than others-

Helps You Fill Out Gaps

Thorough research is a great place to begin to identify gaps that exist in the market. These are the spaces that are inhabited by any kind of competition. You thus manage to carve a new opportunity for you to grow.

Gives Your Business Direction

A detailed competitor study and market study is bound to help you create a holistic plan that gives your business a direction. You know where to focus your efforts and have an opportunity to learn from something that other people in your niche have done.

You Understand Your Buyer Better

If you want customers, you need to understand them better. A competitive audit helps you compare and contrast everything that your competition offers and gives you a chance to do it better.

If you are looking to carve your space in this market, competitive analysis is needed.

Our Competitive Analysis Services

We offer a comprehensive list of services that provides holistic competitive


PESTLE Analysis

This analysis takes into account all the possible Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Environmental factors that play into shaping how a business operates.


Competitor Data Analysis

Just collecting data is never enough, what you need to do is convert it into actionable information. All gathered intel is refined to become opportunities.



We figure out where you stand in the market within your niche with the competition. This helps you change your messaging and gives you a lot more control over your narrative.


SWOT Analysis

The backbone of any business, this analyzes all areas to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in the market.



We measure your performance in relation to the best performer in your niche, thus helping to identify internal opportunities for improvement.


Price Study

We help you study the market aspects and come to the highest value at which you can price your product while still keeping some competitive advantage.

Create An Advantage in This Digital World with Value Proposition

There is a lot that goes one behind the launch of a product. But if you manage to integrate your core values into that of the tech/strategy powering the brand you can highlight all the insights that a customer requires to choose you over others. We have a seamless process in place to help you achieve this.


We start by asking the most important question-


The next step is to figure out what makes you different from your competition in this market.


How do you generate revenue and how do you as a company scale strategic challenges.


How do you execute your plans and how do you allocate resources to turn value invested into profit.

Our Pillars of Analysis

As the market welcomes more competition, it is important to acknowledge that it is tougher to differentiate yourself from the competition in the market. This is why we conduct different analyses to help you come up with a value proposition that is sustainable.

PESTEL Analysis

Similar to figuring out a competitive advantage, a PESTEL analysis helps highlight a company’s potential, position, etc.

VRIO Analysis

A competitive advantage in this market can only be gained if you have an understanding of the resources on hand. VRIO stands for Value, Rareness, Imitability & Organisation.


This is probably the most versatile analysis in the market that helps identify key areas of function in a business or a project.